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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Ord. 11, Series 2024 Amends §§ 9-1-5, 9-1-19-22A(C) and 9-1-19-48A, defensible space for mitigation of wildfire 4/9/2024 Pending 5/16/2024 effective date
Ord. 10, Series 2024 Amends §§ 12-1-6, 12-4-11, 12-4-12, 12-4-13, 12-4-14, 12-4-20, 12-4-21, 12-4-23 and 12-5-6-1, water service charges 3/12/2024 Pending codification
Ord. 8, Series 2024 Amends § 9-16-7, administrative appeals of housing regulations 2/27/2024 Pending codification
Ord. 7, Series 2024 Amends § 9-16-6, housing code fines, penalties and liens 2/27/2024 Pending codification
Ord. 5, Series 2024 Adds § 9-12-13, renumbering existing §§ 9-12-13 and 9-12-14 as §§ 9-12-14 and 9-12-15; amends §§ 9-12-2, 9-12-4, 9-12-6, 9-12-7, 9-12-8, 9-12-10, 9-12-12, 9-15-18(C) and 9-3-9(E) and (L); repeals and replaces § 9-12-11, lighting 2/13/2024 Pending codification
Res. 2024-09 A Resolution Adopting the Town of Breckenridge Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Guidelines as the Town's Annexation Plan Pursuant to Section 31-12-105(1)(E), C.R.S. 3/12/2024 Special
Res. 2024-08 Reserved
Res. 2024-07 Reserved
Res. 2024-06 Reserved
Res. 2024-05 A Resolution Approving an Intergovernmental Agreement With the Board of County Commissioners of Summit County, Colorado, Concerning the April 2, 2024, Regular Town Election 1/23/2024 Special
Res. 2024-04 A Resolution Approving a Settlement Agreement Made Among the City of Colorado Springs Acting Through Its Utilities Enterprise (“CSU”), the Colorado River Water Conservation District, the County of Summit, the Town of Breckenridge, the Grand Valley Water Users Association, the Orchard Mesa Irrigation District, and the Ute Water Conservancy District, Acting by and Through the Ute Water Activity Enterprise 1/9/2024 Special
Res. 2024-03 A Resolution of Town Council Calling a Special Municipal Election to Fill a Vacancy in the Office of Mayor to Be Held on April 2, 2024, at the Same Time and in the Same Manner as the Regular Municipal Election 1/9/2024 Special
Res. 2024-02 A Resolution of Town Council Accepting the Resignation of Mayor Eric Mamula 1/9/2024 Special
Res. 2024-01 A Resolution Determining That the April 2, 2024 Regular Town Election Shall Be a Mail Ballot Election 1/9/2024 Special
Ord. 39, Series 2023 An Ordinance of the Town of Breckenridge Setting Forth the Annual Appropriation for the Fiscal Year Beginning January 1, 2024, and Ending December 31, 2024 11/28/2023 Special
Res. 2023-23 A Resolution Providing Town Attorney Assistant for Municipal Prosecution and Establishing Rates 12/12/2023 Special
Ord. 38, Series 2023 An Ordinance Amending the Breckenridge Sales Tax Code Pertaining to the Definition of Software as a Service 11/14/2023 Codified
Ord. 37, Series 2023 An Ordinance Setting the Mill Levy Within the Town of Breckenridge for 2024 11/14/2023 Special
Res. 2023-22 A Resolution Appointing the Town Manager and Approving the Employment Agreement 10/24/2023 Special
Res. 2023-21 A Resolution Authorizing the Grants Administrator to Submit a Grant Request to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department State Trails Grant Program 10/24/2023 Special
Res. 2023-20 A Resolution Authorizing the Grants Administrator to Submit a Grant Request to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant 10/24/2023 Special
Res. 2023-19 A Resolution Adopting the 2024 Budget and Approving the 2024-2028 Capital Improvement Plan 10/24/2023 Special
Res. 2023-18 A Resolution Approving an Intergovernmental Agreement Between the Town of Breckenridge and the Summit Combined Housing Authority to Share Town Employees to Provide Services to the Authority 10/10/2023 Special
Ord. 36, Series 2023 An Ordinance Appropriating $20,000.00 in Local Funds in Support of Grant Application to the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) for Strong Communities Planning Grant 10/10/2023 Special
Ord. 35, Series 2023 An Ordinance Conveying Town Property for First Phase of Stables Workforce Housing Project 10/10/2023 Special