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Pending Codification
Number Description Action Date Disposition
Ord. 26, Series 2023 An Ordinance Amending the Municipal Code to Allow the Display of Merchandise Outside During Memorial and Labor Day Weekends 7/25/2023 Pending codification
Ord. 25, Series 2023 An Ordinance Amending the Development Code Pertaining to Off Street Parking Requirements 7/25/2023 Pending codification
Ord. 24, Series 2023 An Ordinance Updating the Building Code 7/25/2023 Pending codification
Ord. 23, Series 2023 An Ordinance Prohibiting Wood Shingles on Roofs 7/25/2023 Pending codification
Ord. 22, Series 2023 An Ordinance Creating a New Absolute Policy for Energy Conservation and Amending Policy 33 Relative Accordingly 7/11/2023 Pending codification
Ord. 21, Series 2023 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 1 of Title 8 of the Breckenridge Town Code to Create a Program to Reduce Outdoor Energy Use and in Connection Therewith Establish Fees for the Administration of the Program 7/11/2023 Pending codification
Ord. 20, Series 2023 An Ordinance Amending the Breckenridge Municipal Code to Adopt by Reference the National Electrical Code, 2023 Edition 6/13/2023 Pending codification