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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Res. 1915-02 Construction of a District Sewer Within the Town 5/19/1915 Special
Res. 1915-01 Resolution of Sympathy for Joseph Franklin Condon, Town Physicial and Health Official for the Town 6/19/1915 Special
Res. 1914-01 Resolution Empowering the President or Vice President of the Company to Appoint any Person or Persons as Attorney or Attorneys-in-Fact fir Effectual Transactions of Business 2/16/1914 Special
Res. 1912-03 Contract Awarded for Theconstruction of Cement Sidewalks and Curbs in the Second Improvement District 8/1/1912 Special
Res. 1912-02 Condemnation of Building/Cabin on Mining Claim no 23 Bartlett and Shock Addition Known as the Hawkins Cabin and Ordering Removal of Same From Property 6/4/1912 Special
Res. 1912-01 Requesting a Representative From the Rocky Mountain Board of Underwriters to Reclassify the Fire Insurance Rates of the Town 5/7/1912 Special
Res. 1911-02 Construction of Cement Curbs and Sidewalks in the First Improvement District 7/6/1911 Special
Res. 1911-01 Resolution of Sympathy for Town Attorney Alfred a Vibben 3/4/1911 Special
Res. 1905-01 Saloon Kepers and Drug Stores are not to Sell or Give John a Willoughby or John Moore any Intoxicating Liquors 1905 Special
Res. 1901-01 Election Purposes the Town of Breckenridge Will be Divided Into two Precincts for the Upcoming Election on April 2 1901 1901 Special
Res. 1900-02 Rescinded Contract With Henry Albee Regarding Digging Ditch on Ridge Street 4/10/1900 Special
Res. 1900-01 Allowing Improvement on the F&D Placer for the Purpose of Securing us Patent on Reservoir and F&D Placer 1/16/1900 Special
Code 1969 Codified