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A. Any adult business license issued pursuant to the terms of this chapter shall be prominently displayed at all times upon the premises for which the license was issued.

B. Licenses issued under this chapter shall not be transferable except as provided herein. Any change in the general partners of a partnership, the managers or, if none, members of a limited liability entity, or in the officers or directors of a corporate licensee holding an adult business license shall result in termination of the license of the partnership, limited liability entity or corporation, unless such licensee within thirty (30) days of any such change files a written notice of such change accompanied by the application fee and an investigation fee as required by section 9-8-7 and subsection 9-8-8B of this chapter. Any such change shall be reported on forms provided by the town clerk and shall require the names of all new general partners, new managers or, if none, members of a limited liability entity, or new officers and directors of a corporate licensee, and the information with respect to such persons described in section 9-8-6 of this chapter. Approval or denial by the town clerk of such transfer shall be upon the same terms as provided for in this chapter for the approval or denial of an adult business license.

C. When a license has been issued to a husband and wife or to general or limited partnership, the death of a spouse or partner shall not require the surviving spouse or partner to obtain a new license. All rights and privileges granted under the original license shall continue in full force and effect as to such survivors for the balance of the license.

D. Each license issued under this chapter is separate and distinct, and no person shall exercise any of the privileges granted under any license other than the license which he, she or it holds. A separate license shall be issued for each specific business or business entity and each geographical location. (Ord. 30, Series 1996)