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A. The town council hereby finds and determines as follows:

1. It is in the best interest of the people of the town to protect nonsmokers from involuntary exposure to environmental tobacco and marijuana smoke in most indoor areas open to the public, public meetings, food service establishments, and places of employment;

2. A balance should be struck between the health concerns of nonconsumers of tobacco and marijuana products and the need to minimize unwarranted governmental intrusion into, and regulation of, private spheres of conduct and choice with respect to the use or nonuse of tobacco and marijuana products in certain designated public areas and in private places;

3. Smoking should not be prohibited in the entryway of any building or facility, and such determination is expressly authorized to be made by the town pursuant to section 25-14-207(2)(a), Colorado Revised Statutes; and

4. "Cigar-tobacco bars", as defined in section 25-14-203(4), Colorado Revised Statutes, should not be exempted from the town's smoking regulations as set forth in this chapter. (Ord. 40, Series 2013)

5. Current evidence suggests that the use of electronic smoking devices, including, without limitation, electronic cigarettes, increases the exposure of bystanders to potentially harmful exhaled aerosol toxicants, and further reduces the incentive for smokers to quit using tobacco products. In addition, the use of electronic smoking devices in places where smoking is currently prohibited may frustrate the reasonable expectation of bystanders in such places that there will be no risk increase from any product in the air they breathe, even though there may be some degree of diminished risk from the use of electronic smoking devices in comparison to secondhand smoke.

B. The town council hereby declares that the purpose of this chapter is to preserve and improve the health, comfort, and environment of the people of the town by limiting exposure to environmental tobacco and marijuana smoke. (Ord. 4, Series 2015)

C. The town council further finds and determines that the local smoking regulations set forth in this chapter are no less stringent than the provisions of article 14 of title 25, Colorado Revised Statutes, known as the "Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act". (Ord. 37, Series 2006)