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As used in this Chapter, the following words shall have the following meanings. Where terms are not defined, they shall have their ordinarily accepted meanings within the context that they are used.

COMPOSTABLE PLASTIC BAG: Any bag made of a thin, flexible plastic material, including but not limited to plant based, cellulosic, polylactic (PLA), or bioplastic. May contain labeling such as compostable, degradable, biodegradable, or oxo-biodegradable.

CUSTOMER: Any person who makes a retail purchase from a Retail Store.

DISPOSABLE BAG: Until September 1, 2021, the term "Disposable Bag" means:

Any bag, other than a Reusable Bag, that is provided to a customer by a retailer at the point of sale for the purpose of transporting goods.

On and after September 1, 2021, the term "Disposable Bag" means:

Any paper bag that is provided to a customer at a Retail Store that contains at least 40 percent postconsumer recycled content.

DISPOSABLE BAG FEE: The town fee imposed by this Chapter that is required to be paid by each consumer making a purchase from a Retail Store for each Disposable Bag used during the purchase, and imposed for the purpose of mitigating the impacts of Disposable Bags.

FARMERS' AND ARTISANS' MARKET: A market at which local farmers and artisans sell their products and crafts directly to consumers.

FINANCE DIRECTOR: The Finance Director of the town, or such person's designee acting pursuant to Section 1-7-2 of this Code.

PLASTIC BAG: Any bag made of a thin, flexible plastic material, especially but not limited to one with handles supplied by a store to carry goods purchased there.

POSTCONSUMER RECYCLED CONTENT: Any material that would otherwise be destined for solid waste disposal, having completed its intended end use and product life cycle. Postconsumer recycled material does not include materials and byproducts generated from original manufacturing and fabrication process.

RETAIL STORE: Any public commercial business engaged in the sale of personal consumer goods, household items, or groceries to customers who use or consume such items.

Without limiting the generality of the preceding sentence the term Retail Store includes, but is not limited to, a farmers' and artisans' market.

"Retail Store" does not include businesses where retail sales are clearly secondary and incidental to the primary activity occurring within the business, including, but not limited to, service providers such as salons and spas.

RESTAURANT: An establishment that stores, prepares, or packages food for human consumption or serves or otherwise provides food for human consumption to consumers directly or indirectly through a delivery service, whether such food is consumed on or off the premises or whether there is a charge for such food. A farmer's and artisan's market is not a restaurant.

REUSABLE BAG: Any bag that has a handle; is designed for at least 125 uses; and is machine washable or made from a material that can be cleaned and disinfected. (Ord. 37, Series 2020; amd. Ord. 10, Series 2021)