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A. Funds from the Disposable Bag Fee collected by the town pursuant to this Chapter shall only be used to pay the direct and indirect costs of the town's regulatory program established by this Chapter. Without limiting the generality of the preceding sentence, permitted use of the Disposable Bag Fees revenues include the following:

1. Paying that portion of the salary and benefits of the town's Sustainability Coordinator associated with: (i) developing and implementing the Disposable Bag Fee program as described in this chapter, and (ii) implementing the other allowed uses of the Disposable Bag Fee as set forth in this Section 5-12-10A.

2. Paying for the following Town activities:

a. Producing Reusable Bags for distribution to lodging companies, residents, visitors, and Retail Stores;

b. Developing information signage for Retail Stores explaining the Disposable Bag Fee, and related matters.

c. Educating residents, businesses, and visitors about the impacts of Disposable Bags on: (i) the town's environmental health; (ii) the importance of reducing the number of Disposable Bags entering the waste stream"; and (iii) the impacts of Disposable Bags on wildlife;

d. Funding programs and infrastructure that allow the Breckenridge community to reduce waste associated with Disposable Bags;

e. Purchasing and installing equipment designed to minimize bag pollution, including, recycling containers, and waste receptacles associated with Disposable Bags;

f. Funding community cleanup events and other activities that reduce litter associated with Disposable Bags;

g. Maintaining a public website that educates residents on the progress of waste reduction efforts associated with Disposable Bags;

h. Educating residents, businesses, and visitors about: (i) the impacts of the use of single-use plastics on the public health, including, by way of example and not limitation, single-use plastic bottles and straws; (ii) the importance of reducing the number of single-use plastics entering the waste stream; and the (iii) impacts of single-use plastics on wildlife and the environment; and

i. Such other uses as may be directed by the town council from time to time that are consistent with the stated intent and purposes of this Chapter.

B. No Disposable Bag Fee funds shall be used for any purpose not authorized in this Section. (Ord. 37, Series 2020)