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A. The number of bedrooms in an accommodation unit shall be established by the Summit County Assessor database; or

B. In order to establish a different number of bedrooms than in the Summit County Assessor database, the town shall conduct an inspection per section 4-6-9 of this chapter, and determine the number of bedrooms that meet each of the following criteria:

1. At least 70 square feet in size, have a ceiling height of at least 5 feet, and shall not have a "through way" to another room of the accommodation unit or to the exterior; and shall contain each of the following:

2. Interior walls and door(s) on the same level of the building as the space in order to separate the space and provide privacy;

3. An egress window as required by the town's building and technical code adopted by reference in title 8, chapter 1 of this Code;

4. Operable smoke and carbon monoxide detectors pursuant to Colorado law within 15 feet of any bedroom; and

5. A built-in closet consisting of dry wall, or built-in clothes storage area permanently affixed to the wall, requiring repairs to the accommodation unit if removed. Built-in bunk beds with built-in clothes storage space complies with this requirement but the following are examples of things that do not constitute a closet in compliance with this section:

a. Bunk bed with drawers purchased from a furniture store does not comply.

b. An armoire. (Ord. 28, Series 2022)