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ACCOMMODATION UNIT: A separate and distinct living unit including condominium, townhome, house, trailer, studio unit, condominium unit, or any such other similar unit which is rented to any person, who, for consideration, uses, possesses or has the right to use or possess such accommodation unit for a period of less than thirty (30) consecutive days, regardless of the number of days during a license year such unit is rented.

ADVERTISEMENT: A form of marketing communication that employs a nonpersonal message to promote the rental of an accommodation unit. This includes, but is not limited to, mailing, brochures, print, internet listing, e-mail publication, social media, other electronic means, or other means or methods regardless of the medium used.

AMENITY SPACE: Swimming pool(s), swimming pool decks, hot tubs, spas, saunas, steam rooms, fitness centers, sports courts, locker rooms, ski locker rooms, arcades, common patios, grilling areas, lounges, theaters, media rooms, playgrounds, activity rooms, and business centers.

BEDROOM: A bedroom must meet the criteria set forth in section 4-6-4 of this chapter.

CONFERENCE SPACE: Meeting rooms, ballrooms, and associated kitchens and service areas.

LAND USE DISTRICT MAP: Has the same meaning as set forth in section 9-1-5 of this Code.

LAND USE GUIDELINES: Has the same meaning as set forth in section 9-1-5 of this Code.

OCCUPANCY LIMIT: The maximum number of persons permitted to reside overnight in an accommodation unit.

RENTAL AGENT: A management company, rental agent, or other person employed or engaged by the licensee to advertise the accommodation unit for rent, or to remit any required tax to the town.

RESORT PROPERTY OR PROPERTIES: A multi-unit accommodation property or properties, with each unit having separate ownership, where guests have access to numerous on-site amenities similar to the operations of a resort hotel.

RESPONSIBLE AGENT: A management company, rental agent, or individual who is identified in writing to the town as the person responsible for code complaints made about the accommodation unit licensee.

STUDIO: An accommodation unit which does not contain a bedroom.

TOTAL RESORT AREA: The total combined amenity and conference space on a property. (Ord. 28, Series 2022)