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As used in this chapter the following words have the following meanings, unless the context clearly requires otherwise:

APPLICANT: A person who has submitted an application for permit pursuant to this chapter.

APPLICATION: An application for permit submitted pursuant to this chapter.

ARTS DISTRICT CAMPUS: Lots 1 and 2, Art District Subdivision, Town of Breckenridge, Summit County, Colorado.

DAY: A calendar day, unless otherwise indicated.

ENTERTAINMENT: Includes, but is not limited to, touring exhibitions, concerts, performances of dance, music, drama, art and comedy, parades, sporting exhibitions or contests, festivals, fairs, automotive displays, and performances of skill.

FILMING: The taking of motion pictures, the taking of still photography or the use and operation of television cameras or transmitting television equipment, including radio remotes and any preparatory activity associated therewith, and shall include events that include, but are not limited to, the making of feature or documentary films, television serials, webcasts, simulcasts or specials. The town manager shall provide in the administrative rules and regulations adopted pursuant to section 4-13-28 of this chapter appropriate exemptions from the permitting requirements of this chapter for filming and photography activities not significantly affecting Town property and not requiring substantial Town services.

PERMIT: A permit issued by the town pursuant to this chapter.

PERMITTEE: The person to whom a permit has been issued pursuant to this chapter.

PERSON: Has the meaning provided in section 1-3-2 of this Code.

SEPA COMMITTEE: A group established by the town manager it the administrative rules and regulations whose primary function is to review and make recommendations to the town manager concerning applications.

SPECIAL EVENT or (EVENT): A planned or organized occurrence the primary purpose of which is entertainment that is:

A. 1) A Tier Zero Event, 2) Tier One Event, 3) a Tier Two Event, 4) a Tier Three Event, or 5) a First Amendment Event, all as described in section 4-13-7;

B. An indoor or outdoor event held on Town-owned property; or

C. Involves filming.

TOWN: Has the meaning provided in section 1-3-2 of this Code.

TOWN MANAGER: The town manager of the town of Breckenridge, or his or her designee acting pursuant to section 1-7-2 of this Code.

TOWN SERVICE FEE(S): Fees due to the town by a permittee to reimburse the town for its costs incurred in providing services to or for the benefit of the permittee's special event. Such fees include, but are not limited to, the use of Town personnel and/or equipment, Town transportation services, Town public safety services, Town venues or facilities charges, and/or other expenses incurred or spent by the town for the benefit of or required in connection with the special event. (Ord. 15, Series 2021; amd. Ord. 37, Series 2022)