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A. When an application is filed an applicant shall pay to the town a nonrefundable application fee in the amount established by the town council.

B. If the application includes a request to use any Town property or any Town service in connection with the special event, or if the applicant is required as a condition of the permit to use any Town property or services in connection with the special event, the applicant will be provided with an estimate of Town Service Fees based on a fee schedule, and the applicant shall pay the estimated amount of the town Services Fees to the town at the time of the issuance of the permit. A final assessment of the amount of the Town Service Fees related to the special event will occur upon completion of the Special Event. All Town Service fees will be adjusted to reflect actual cost. The final amount of the Town Service Fees must be paid by the permittee in full within thirty (30) days of the final assessment and receipt of invoice of Town costs for the special event. Any portion of the final amount of the town Services Fees what are not paid when due shall accrue interest at the legal rate.

C. There are no fees due to the town in connection with the issuance of a First Amendment Event permit.

D. An applicant may submit a fee waiver request with its application. Fee waiver requests shall be evaluated by the SEPA Committee and the Events Committee, who will make a recommendation concerning such request to the town manager.

E. The town manager shall decide all fee waiver requests. In deciding a fee waiver request the town manager shall give due consideration to the following:

1. The reason the applicant chose Breckenridge for the event;

2. Whether the applicant will charge admission/fees for participation, and the applicant's policy for attendees/participants unable to pay such fees;

3. Whether the applicant will provide free programs to the community, raise funds for organizations that provide free/low cost programs benefiting local youth, seniors, or under-served populations, provide a clearly identifiable benefit to the community, and/or is aligned with the town's goals;

4. Whether the applicant demonstrates extraordinary efforts to reduce and mitigate environmental, transportation, and residential impacts, associated with the event;

5. Whether the applicant demonstrates that the imposition of fees would create a financial hardship on the applicants or would have a detrimental effect on services provided to the public;

6. Whether the applicant is primarily funded by the town of Breckenridge; and

7. Other factors deemed to be relevant by the town manager.

F. The town manager may grant a fee waiver request in whole or in part, or the town manager may deny a fee waiver request.

G. A fee waiver granted by the town manager shall be limited to a maximum of ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00).

H. The decision of the town manager on a request for a fee waiver shall be final.

I. Prior to the filing of an application with the town manager, the town council, in its discretion, may authorize the town manager to grant a fee waiver for a tier three event in an amount greater than ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00).

J. The town council shall set by resolution the fees for all matters related to special events for the town's fiscal year 2021. Beginning in the town's fiscal year 2022, and continuing thereafter, the fees related to special events shall be fixed by the town council as part of its annual budget process. If for any reason such fees are not fixed by the town council as part of its annual budget process, the fees for the preceding fiscal year shall continue in full force and effect until changed by the town council. (Ord. 15, Series 2021; amd. Ord. 37, Series 2022. Formerly 4-13-9)