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A. Public Streets and Rights-of-Way: It shall be unlawful to conduct any business on the public streets or public rights-of-way in the town without a permit issued pursuant to this code, or as otherwise authorized by applicable law.

B. Posting: The licensee shall post his current business license in a conspicuous place on the licensed premises at all times.

C. Nontransferable:

1. No license issued pursuant to this chapter shall be transferable.

2. Upon the transfer of a business or premises licensed by the town pursuant to this chapter, the existing license shall terminate. The transferee of such business or premises may apply for a new annual business license. The transferee shall receive a pro rata credit on the license fees for the portion of the year remaining of the existing business license. (Ord. 38, Series 1986; amd. Ord. 36, Series 1987; Ord. 26, Series 2013; Ord. 29, Series 2021; Ord. 29, Series 2022)