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A. Enforcement: Pursuant to section 31-20-101 et seq., C.R.S., the town may cause any delinquent charges for fees made or levied hereunder to be certified to the Summit County Treasurer, to be collected and paid over by said Treasurer in the same manner as real or personal property taxes.

B. Lien: As to any license due with respect to an accommodation unit, the licensing fees imposed by that chapter, and any penalty and attorney fees due with respect thereto, if not paid when due, shall constitute a perpetual lien upon the accommodation unit and shall have priority over all other liens except general tax liens, special improvement district assessment liens and those bona fide mortgages or trust deeds which were of record prior to the recording of this town's lien statement as hereafter provided. The town's lien shall continue until the amount due to the town is paid in full, or until the lien is discharged in the manner provided for by law. To perfect its lien hereunder, the town shall record with the Clerk and Recorder of Summit County a statement of lien describing the affected accommodation unit and setting forth the amount then due to the town. The lien granted to the town hereunder shall be effective from and after the date of the recording of such lien statement.

C. Action: In addition to other remedies available to the town, the town may commence an action pursuant to section 1-8-10 of this Code to enjoin the alleged violation of any provision of this chapter. (Ord. 12, Series 1988; amd. Ord. 8, Series 1994; Ord. 29, Series 2022)