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A. All unpaid water charges shall constitute a lien upon the real property benefited by the water service which was provided by the town, which lien shall have priority over all other liens except the lien of the general property taxes.

B. A notice of lien may be prepared by the finance director and filed with the Summit County clerk and recorder no sooner than five (5) days following the day water charges were due and not paid. Such notice of lien shall include the following:

1. The name of the owner of the property;

2. A legal description of the property as tax assessed by the Summit County assessor, and the number and street address of the property to which the notice of lien is applicable;

3. The nature of the lien; and

4. A statement that notice of lien is given pursuant to this section.

The town clerk shall mail a copy of such notice of lien to the billing address of the owner at the time that it is filed for recording with the Summit County clerk and recorder.

C. Once a notice of lien has been filed with the Summit County clerk and recorder as provided in subsection B of this section, there will be a one hundred dollar ($100.00) service charge which will be required to be paid in addition to full payment of the bill, such service charge being for the purpose of filing expenses and labor incurred in the production of the paperwork required for such lien.

D. The lien provided in this section may be foreclosed by the town in the manner provided for the foreclosure of mortgages under Colorado law. (Ord. 9, Series 2001)