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Upon the issuance of civil emergency, emergency, or local disaster declaration, the town manager has full power and authority to take the following actions and issue the following orders:

A. Any action necessary for the protection of life and property, including, but not limited to, establishing regulations governing conduct related to the cause of the emergency or disaster.

B. An order establishing a curfew during such hours of the days or nights and affecting such categories of persons as may be designated.

C. An order to direct and compel the evacuation of all or a part of the population from any stricken or threatened areas within the town if the town manager deems this action is necessary for the preservation of life, property or other civil emergency, emergency, or local disaster mitigation, response or recovery activities and to prescribe routes, modes of transportation and destination in connection with an evacuation.

D. An order controlling, restricting, allocating or regulating the use, sale, production or distribution of food, water, clothing, and other commodities, materials, goods, services and resources.

E. An order requiring the closing of businesses deemed nonessential by the town manager.

F. An order suspending or limiting the sale, distribution, dispensing, or transportation of alcoholic beverages, firearms, explosives and/or combustible products and requiring the closing of those businesses or parts of businesses insofar as the sale, distribution, dispensing or transportation of these items are concerned.

G. An order prohibiting the sale or distribution within the town of any products that the town manager determines could be employed in a manner that would constitute a danger to public health or safety.

H. Subject to any applicable requirements for compensation, commandeer or use any private property if the town manager finds this action necessary to cope with the civil emergency, emergency or local disaster.

I. Appropriate and expend funds, execute contracts, authorize the obtaining and acquisition of property, equipment, services, supplies and materials without the strict compliance with procurement regulations or procedures.

J. Transfer the direction, personnel, or functions of town departments and agencies for the purposes of performing or facilitating civil emergency, emergency, or local disaster services.

K. Utilize all available resources of the town as may be reasonably necessary to cope with the civil emergency, emergency, or local disaster whether in preparation for, response to, or recovery from a civil emergency, emergency, or local disaster.

L. Suspend or modify the provisions of any ordinance if strict compliance with such ordinance would in any way prevent, hinder or delay necessary action in coping with any civil emergency, emergency, or local disaster.

M. Accept services, gifts, grants and loans, equipment, supplies, and materials whether from private, nonprofit or governmental sources.

N. Suspend or limit the use of the town's water resources.

O. Make application for local, state or federal assistance.

P. Terminate or suspend any process, operation, machine, device or event that is or may negatively impact the health, safety and welfare of persons or property within the town.

Q. Delegate authority to such town officials as the town manager determines reasonably necessary or expedient.

R. Require the continuation, termination, disconnection or suspension of natural gas, electric power, water, sewer or other public utilities.

S. Close or cancel the use of any municipality owned or operated building or other public facility.

T. Exercise such powers and functions in light of the exigencies of civil emergency, emergency, or local disaster including the waiving of compliance with any time consuming procedures and formalities, including notices, as may be prescribed by law pertaining thereto.

U. Issue any and all other order or undertake such other functions and activities as the town manager reasonably believes is required under the circumstances to protect the health, safety, welfare of persons or property within the Town of Breckenridge, or to otherwise preserve the public peace or abate, clean up, or mitigate the effects of any civil emergency, emergency or local disaster.

The declaration of emergency shall list the restrictions applicable to that circumstance by reference to the individual subsections of this section. The restrictions may be changed from time to time during the time frame of the declaration based upon the discretion of the town manager. (Ord. 25, Series 2012)