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A. The custodian may periodically cause any forfeited property, other than money, to be sold at public sale in accordance with section 1-17-12 of this chapter.

B. If the custodian determines after investigation that any forfeited property has insubstantial commercial value, the custodian may destroy, exchange, donate, transfer or otherwise dispose of the property. No notice shall be required in connection with the disposition of any such property.

C. All of the proceeds of the disposition of forfeited property shall be paid by the custodian to the finance director for deposit into the general fund of the town.

D. The custodian may return any forfeited property consisting of lost and found money or personal property to the person who turned such money or property in to the town; provided, that no such lost and found money or personal property turned in to the town by a town employee shall be returned to such employee. If the person who turned in such lost and found money or personal property to the town is under the age of eighteen (18) years, such money or property shall be delivered to such person's parent or legal guardian. (Ord. 21, Series 2005)