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(a) Presiding Municipal Judge. There shall be a municipal court vested with jurisdiction of all cases arising under the ordinances of the town and as may be conferred by law. The municipal court shall be presided over and its functions exercised by a judge, appointed by the council for a specified term of two (2) years. The council may, when his appointment for term of office expires, re-appoint the municipal judge. Any vacancy in the office of municipal judge shall be filled by appointment by the council for the remainder of the unexpired term. (Ord. 8, Series 2006; Election 4-4-2006)

(b) Deputy Judges. Council may appoint one or more deputy judges as it deems necessary. The deputy municipal judges shall all have the powers of the municipal judge when called upon to act by the municipal judge or council. In the event that more than one municipal judge is appointed, the council shall designate a presiding municipal judge, who shall serve in this capacity during the term for which he was appointed. The deputy municipal judges shall serve at the pleasure of the council.

(c) Compensation. The municipal judge shall receive a fixed salary or compensation set by the council, which shall not be increased or decreased during his term of office. The deputy municipal judges may receive such compensation for services rendered as council may determine.

(d) Removal. Any municipal judge may be removed during his term of office only for cause. A judge may be removed by a majority vote of the council for cause if:

1. He is found guilty of a felony or any other crime involving moral turpitude; or

2. He has willfully or persistently failed to perform his duties; or

3. He has a disability which interferes with the performance of his duties which is, or is likely to become, of permanent character.