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Except for emergency ordinances, the following procedure for enactment of ordinances shall be followed:

(a) The ordinance shall be introduced at any regular meeting of the council by any member thereof.

(b) The ordinance shall be read in full or, in cases where copies of the ordinance are available to the council and to those persons in attendance at said council meeting, said ordinance may be read by title only.

(c) After the first reading of the ordinance, the same shall be approved or rejected by a vote of the council.

(d) If the ordinance is approved on first reading, it shall be published in full unless otherwise provided herein. The council shall set a day, hour and place at which council shall hold a public hearing on the ordinance and notice of said day, hour and place shall be included in the first publication.

(e) The ordinance shall be introduced at council a second time, at a regular or special meeting not earlier than four (4) days after first publication, for final adoption, rejection or other action as may be taken by vote of the council. This meeting may be the same meeting at which the public hearing on the ordinance is held. The ordinance may be amended before final adoption by vote of the council.

(f) Except as otherwise provided herein, upon final adoption of an ordinance, it shall be published either by title or in full as the council may determine. If an ordinance is amended prior to final adoption, only the amended section need be published in full.

(g) Whenever an ordinance shall be published by reference or by title, the publication shall contain a notice to the public that copies of the proposed ordinance are available at the office of the town clerk. The publication of any ordinance by reference or by title as provided herein must set forth in full any penalty clause contained in said ordinance.