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Adoption of the budget by council shall constitute appropriations of the amounts specified therein for expenditure from the funds indicated. The proceeds of any municipal borrowing authorized by article XI of this charter shall not be subject to any requirement of prior budgeting or appropriation as a condition to their expenditure. The amount necessary to repay any such municipal borrowing (including interest thereon) need not be budgeted or appropriated in full in the year in which the borrowing occurs; however, amounts necessary to pay debt service shall (except to the extent they may be payable from other legally available funds in the first year) be budgeted and appropriated on an annual basis, provided that no failure to budget and appropriate such annual debt service amounts shall affect the enforceability of any covenant of the town to make such payments. An appropriation for a capital expenditure shall continue in effect until the purpose for which the appropriation was made has been accomplished, or until the appropriation is abandoned or transferred. (Ord. 7, Series 2002; Election 4-2-2002)