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The below administrative regulations should be read in conjunction with the municipal code title 5, chapter 6 which can be found at

A. Authorized Use of Shared Commercial Enclosures. The Town owns or manages a series of shared commercial enclosures located throughout the Conservation District. The facilities are used for the temporary collection and storage of trash, single stream recycling, and glass. The public works director, upon consideration of all relevant information, authorizes use of the facilities. The public works director has the right to determine eligibility, even if an individual or business is located in the Conservation District. In order to be eligible, individuals and businesses must:

1. Be located in the Conservation District,

2. Be in good standing with Breckenridge business license (including accommodation license if applicable),

3. Complete a shared commercial enclosure agreement,

4. Be in good standing with trash and recycling contractor/s account,

5. Not have access to a private trash and recycling facility, and

6. Pay the annual material management fee for program participation

B. Contract for Trash and Recycling Service. The Town releases an RFP for trash, recycling, and glass recycling service for the shared commercial enclosures each year. There may be one or more contracts awarded by service type. The Town calculates the user’s share of service cost based on:

1. Total contract for service,

2. Type of entity,

3. Size of entity,

4. Estimated waste generation, and

5. Total number of users in the program

Rates for service are calculated quarterly and submitted to the contractor. The contractor is authorized to bill users directly for the user’s portion of service cost as per the quarterly rate calculation by the Town. Users agree to pay the bill submitted by the service contractor or contractors.

E. Keycard Replacement. The Town issues two (2) keycards to authorized users once all requirements are completed. Users are responsible for the keycards. Lost or stolen keycards will be deactivated, and new keycards can be reissued for a replacement fee of $25 per card. Keycards may also be deactivated if a user is no longer in good standing or is determined to be misusing the facilities as per 5-6-12 and 5-6-11 of the town code.