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I. Effective date. These administrative rules and regulations (“workforce housing regulations”) are effective upon publication as required under 1-18-3 of the municipal code.

II. Authority and purpose. These regulations are issued by the division of housing of the Town of Breckenridge per title 9, chapter 16, of the municipal code. These workforce housing regulations elaborate on the requirements of chapter 16, title 9 located at and are intended to address the additional criteria governing the Town’s workforce housing where the Town has contributed staff time and/or financial resources. These workforce housing regulations hereby supersede and terminate prior guidelines and administrative regulations as referenced in existing restrictive covenants.

III. Background. In May of 2000, the then Town Council of the Town of Breckenridge adopted an Affordable Housing Strategy, dated May 23, 2000, copy attached hereto as Exhibit A. The 2000 housing study, among other things, conducted a housing needs assessment, adopted the initial administrative rules and regulations and recommended that the same be consistent as reasonably practical with the housing practices of Summit County, identified the Town’s regulatory role, and prioritized allocating resources to the needs of the Town, Summit County, as well as Upper Blue Basin.

Since that 2000 needs assessment study, the Town has done a workforce housing needs assessment approximately every five years, each of which has concluded continued need for additional workforce housing units. A multi-jurisdictional housing authority (SCHA) was created in 2006 (Resolution 2006, Series 1) and the Town created a Town of Breckenridge Housing Authority in 2015 (Resolution 2015, Series 1). Moreover, the Town has adopted a number of resolutions and ordinances building on the earlier work including, the Town Council approved a resolution dated December 12, 2017 further amending and adopting the Town of Breckenridge administrative rules and regulations, a copy attached hereto as Exhibit B.

IV. Interpretation. These workforce housing regulations are officially promulgated by the housing division and have the force and effect of law and are not intended to conflict with title 9, chapter 16, and, in the event there is a conflict between these regulations and the ordinance, the ordinance shall control. If there is a conflict between these regulations and a specific recorded restrictive covenant, the restrictive covenant shall control.