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The below administrative regulations should be read in conjunction with the municipal code, title 4, chapter 6 located Attached hereto as Exhibit B are answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Accommodation Unit Licenses.

A. Definitions.

1. Controlling interest means at least 50% of the voting stock.

2. Primary residence means the place in which a person's habitation is fixed for the term of the license and is the person's usual place of return. A person can have only one (1) primary residence.

B. Eligibility; license year.

1. Prior to being approved for an accommodation unit license, an applicant shall first obtain a BOLT license.

2. Accommodation Unit licenses issued with an expiration date of December 31 shall be renewed by December 31 of the current year.

C. Process to apply for an exemption from the annual regulatory fee.

1. At the time of seeking the exemption and annually thereafter, an owner seeking an exemption under 4-6-3 of the code shall provide proper documentation to the Finance director and shall provide copies of two out of three of the following documents: driver license, voter registration and vehicle registration.

2. Failure to comply with the exemption process shall result in the imposition of the annual regulatory fee.

D. Special rules applicable to the resort zone. Per section 4-6-6, in the resort zone, the Finance director may require a resort property to provide shuttle service for guests depending on proximity to services, including downtown core, transit stops and ski area.

E. Licenses non-transferable; exceptions.

1. No license granted shall be transferable including between joint owners except as otherwise provided in 4-6-8.

2. Eligibility for an exemption will be made by the Finance director based on documentation provided to the Town under RETT Article 2, C above.

F. Process to obtain a temporary license under section 4-6-8.

1. A temporary license may be issued only to honor reservations made prior to the sale of the real property.

2. An owner must apply for a temporary license on forms provided by the Finance director.

3. A temporary license automatically expires automatically 6 months from the time the deed was issued for the real property.

4. A temporary licensee shall not advertise for rent.

G. Complaints; enforcement/remedies.

1. Complaints. Except for infractions, criminal, or safety complaints which should be immediately referred to the appropriate law enforcement official, the Town of Breckenridge has a 24/7 hotline for any alleged negative secondary impacts such as parking, trash, noise. The Town does not accept anonymous complaints. A complainant shall contact the Town at the time of the incident and provide their name and contact information along with location so that the Town can contact the responsible agent.

2. Enforcement. An accommodation unit licensee who violates and provision of the municipal code or these rules and regulations is subject to any and all discipline, fines and/or penalties as set forth in title 4, chapter 6.



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